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Dyslexia Demystified

Our mission is to support and empower young people with dyslexia to realise and achieve their goals.


Jemima Hutton

Founder, Presenter and Mentor

 Jemima was formally diagnosed as being dyslexic when she was fifteen years old, but she has always been aware that she saw the world a little differently to most people. Her reading speed is slower than 98% of the population. Throughout her years of schooling she developed many learning strategies to work around her academic difficulties and hatred of reading. 

She was so successful in applying these strategies, that in 2017 Jemima achieved two perfect subject scores in VCE, was Dux of her school, and even won the school VCE English Academic Prize, even though she did not read the novels…well at least not with her eyes. She is now studying medicine at University of Queensland.

Jemima has represented Victoria in Water Polo and was the Captain of the Victorian Schools’ Swimming Team. As a national level swimmer, she won the 2.5km Open Water Swimming National Title and was awarded Open Water Swimmer of the Year by Swimming Victoria; the youngest ever recipient of the award. She loves the outdoors and recently completed a trek to the Base Camp of Mount Everest.

Having taken a gap year in 2018, Jemima's aim is to inspire all students, especially those with learning challenges, and to assist staff, students and parents by sharing the wide range of learning strategies which helped her to achieve her goals. 


School-Based Presentations

Our presentations are customised to meet the specific needs of each school. We offer staff, student and parent presentations as well as combinations of each. (e.g. staff and student, student and parent etc)

1-on-1 Student Mentoring

Encouraging young people with dyslexia to accept and “own” their unique brain, adapt to the challenges it brings, and discover their unique dyslexic-inspired talents is my ultimate goal. We work with students to develop study and organisational strategies that work for them and help them set and achieve their goals.

Parent Information Sessions

These sessions are co-presented with Peter Hutton who is a former school principal and is himself dyslexic. Together we seek to answer the inevitable questions and concerns that parents have about how to best support a young person with dyslexia.

Parent Consultations

Giving parents unique insights into their child's learning, behaviour and struggles, whilst also providing practical strategies, technologies and advice that can help their child to thrive. We also assist in advocation strategies for parents in schools and when necessary, can connect parents with external professionals who can advocate on the family's behalf.


Staff Presentation Objectives

  1. To raise awareness and understanding of dyslexia.

  2. To provide staff with an insight into what it is like to be dyslexic.

  3. To provide a range of strategies that are particularly effective for assisting dyslexic students.

  4. To explain the most recent accommodations and special consideration at school and in the VCE.

  5. To promote an awareness and acceptance of neuro-diversity.

Student Presentation Objectives

  1. To provide both dyslexic and non-dyslexic students with a range of practical learning strategies to use inside and outside of the classroom, including strategies around utilising exam accommodations.

  2. To encourage every student to find which learning strategies work best for them.

  3. To raise awareness and understanding of dyslexia amongst undiagnosed dyslexics and their peers.

  4. To inspire students with neurological differences that they can still achieve their goals.

  5. To promote an awareness and acceptance of neuro-diversity.

Parent Presentation Objectives

  1. To raise awareness and understanding of dyslexia.

  2. To explain how to support each child to find the learning strategies that work for them.

  3. To provide advice about how to deal with the emotions behind dyslexia.

  4. To explain how to advocate for your child with the school.

  5. To explain accommodations and special consideration at school and in the VCE.




Thanks for sharing your story and experience with us last Monday night. I found your insights and clarity refreshing and would love to share your presentation with parents and teachers in Daylesford. Thanks again. I believe we all walked away feeling empowered.

Kim Percy 
Parent of Child with Dyslexia

Past Clients


Contact Me

I understand from personal experience how confusing, isolating and even soul destroying it can be to live with dyslexia. If you are dyslexic, or are an educator or parent wanting to support a young person with dyslexia, I encourage you to reach out. Once you learn to embrace it, dyslexia can actually be a wonderful thing.




Articles & Resources

Personally, I think it's cruel that a lot of the much needed information about dyslexia is not provided in a dyslexic-friendly format. Being dyslexic myself, I much prefer to listen to and produce videos rather than articles, so if you're looking for helpful advice, tips, tricks and more, please visit my youtube channel below.

Give Dyslexic Kids a Break!

See an excerpt of Jemima speaking at a Staff PD for Our Lady of Sacred Heart College Bentleigh!

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