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Dyslexia Demystified

Our mission is to support and empower young people with dyslexia to realise and achieve their goals.


Who We Are & What We Do

Dyslexia Demystified is a social enterprise created for dyslexic young people, by dyslexic young people. Operating primarily out of Victoria and Queensland, our team offers six main services: school-based presentations, dyslexic student mentoring, events & conferences, dyslexic-friendly resources, diversity and inclusion evaluations and parent consultations. These services seek to increase awareness, debunk myths, build confidence and break down feelings of shame and isolation by providing unique insight, as well as targeted strategies and evidence-based interventions. If an individual requires assistance beyond our expertise, we are also able to connect families with our trusted support network of professionals to provide more specialised support. 

In addition to the services above, Dyslexia Demystified runs a number of social media platforms dedicated to connecting dyslexic students of the world- not only with each other, but with dyslexic-friendly resources. Our YouTube videos have now been viewed 10,000 times, broadcasting our strategies and advice to dyslexic students everywhere. Our aim is to grow the largest and most effective youth-run support network for dyslexic young people and to inspire other neurodiverse students to work towards achieving their dreams.


Our Team

All students and adults that work in our team are neurodiverse in some way, including dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, autism spectrum disorder and auditory processing disorder. We strongly believe that this employment model not only provides opportunity for students with learning disabilities to work and grow, but also ensures that our organisation remains true to our core purpose and showcases the incredible strengths that each of our team members contribute.

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Ashleigh Brooks

Presenter & Advisor

Ashleigh is a diagnosed dyslexic and dysgraphic student and graduated as dux of Sacred Heart College in 2018. From her schooling experience and training with Dyslexia Demystified, she has developed some excellent strategies and technologies to assist her learning. Ashleigh has self-advocated through much of her schooling and university life, and is now in her second year of Psychology at Melbourne University.


Jemima Hutton

Founder, Presenter & Mentor

Jemima is a diagnosed dyslexic student who is currently studying Midwifery at the University of Queensland. She has been assessed as being in the lowest 2% for reading with her eyes, however she received an ATAR of 99.3 for her secondary school studies and was Dux of Braemar College in 2017. Jemima attended 7 different schools and was shocked by the lack of awareness and support for dyslexic students. In 2018, Jemima founded Dyslexia Demystified to support and empower young people with dyslexia.


Hamish Rowland

Mentor & Advisor

Diagnosed with dyslexia in grade two, Hamish formed close relationships with his teachers and mentors who were key to him maintaining good mental health and a high level of engagement and achievement at school. He volunteered for numerous committee and mentoring programs and was honoured to be named School Captain in Year 12. Hamish has a passion for sport, leadership and mentoring. In 2019, he spent 11 months working in China, helping to implement a Year 9 Internationalism Program for 360 students. Hamish is now studying Furniture Design at RMIT.


Professional Development for Educators

These presentations aim to improve staff knowledge around the dyslexic learner-profile, common misconceptions, emotional wellbeing and associated strengths and weaknesses of dyslexic students. Teachers will be equipped with the latest research and evidence-based interventions to aid their dyslexic students, and will be presented with a variety of assistive technologies, wellbeing strategies, accommodations and assessment tools to develop empowered, independent learners. All strategies presented have a strong practical application to the classroom and can be implemented immediately with low cost. Please view the flyer below for more information.

Student Presentations & Workshops

Our presentations are tailor made to meet the specific needs of each student audience. We offer both workshops and presentations for students with dyslexia, students with learning difficulties, whole-year-level groups and assesmbly/awards night occassions. Please view the 'Student Presentations' flyer below for more information.

Dyslexic Student Mentoring

Encouraging young people with dyslexia to accept and “own” their unique brain, adapt to the challenges it brings, and discover their unique 'dyslexic-inspired' strengths. We work with students one-on-one to identify their strengths, find their passions and develop study and organisational strategies that work for them. We also assist students in learnign to slef-advocate, and set SMART goals for their future. Please view the flyer below for booking link and more information.

Parent Information Evenings

Hosted either by Dyslexia Demystified, or a school community, these presentations seek to answer the inevitable questions and concerns that parents have about how to best support a young person with dyslexia. Sessions can also be co-presented with Peter Hutton who is a former school principal and is himself dyslexic. Please view the flyer below for more information.

Parent Consultations

Giving parents unique insights into their child's learning, behaviour and struggles, whilst also providing practical learning strategies, assistive technologies and advice that can help their child to thrive. We also assist parents in advocating for students within schools and when necessary, can connect parents with external professionals who can advocate on the family's behalf.

Conferences and Events

Dyslexia Demystified has been engaged to speak at a number of conferences and events both nationally and internationally. Recent conferences include: 
Student Voice, Agency and Partnerships Conference (Melbourne, December 2019)
Neurodiversity and Employment Symposium (Brisbane, May 2019)
Youth Empowerment Conference (Melbourne, August 2019)
Melbourne Water Disability and Inclusion Conference (Melbourne, December 2019)
Asia Pacific Dyslexia Conference (Japan, December 2018). 
For more information, please contact Jemima below.


Staff Presentation Objectives

1. To identify what dyslexia is and isn't, as well as common misconceptions, strengths and limitations. 
2. To discuss the importance of viewing dyslexia through a neurodiversity lens. 
3. To learn practical teaching strategies that engage students with dyslexia and reflect on which activities/teaching materials may hinder dyslexic students. 
4. To engage with appropriate assistive technologies for dyslexic students and discover how these can be best used in the classroom and at home. 
5. To understand key ATAR Special Considerations/Exam Adjustment processes. 
6. To understand how having an SLD impacts emotional wellbeing and brainstorm strategies to support wellbeing at school and at home.


Student Presentation Objectives

  1. To provide both dyslexic and non-dyslexic students with a range of practical learning strategies to use inside and outside of the classroom, including strategies around utilising exam accommodations.

  2. To encourage every student to find which learning strategies work best for them.

  3. To raise awareness and understanding of dyslexia amongst undiagnosed dyslexics and their peers.

  4. To inspire students with neurological differences that they can still achieve their goals.

  5. To promote an awareness and acceptance of neuro-diversity.


Parent Presentation Objectives

  1. To raise awareness and understanding of dyslexia.

  2. To explain how to support each child to find the learning strategies that work for them.

  3. To provide advice about how to deal with the emotions behind dyslexia.

  4. To explain how to advocate for your child with the school.

  5. To explain accommodations and special consideration at school and in the VCE.




I was fortunate enough to hear the
experiences that Jemima encountered during her schooling life. Honestly one of the best PDs I have ever been to! Hearing the difficulties she faced along with her coping mechanisms, immediately allowed me to resonate with how students tackle such issues. Her positivity and the success she earned in her later years, are proof that all students are capable of reaching success. We as teachers need to be mindful of this. I know I personally will change the way I teach thanks to Jemima’s talk. Thank you Jemima

Anna Ladas, Mathematics Teacher

Brighton Grammar


Contact Us

We understand from personal experience how confusing, isolating and even soul destroying it can be to live with dyslexia. If you are dyslexic, or are an educator or parent wanting to support a young person with dyslexia, we encourage you to reach out. Once you learn to embrace it, dyslexia can actually be a wonderful thing.

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Articles & Resources

Personally, I think it's cruel that a lot of the much needed information about dyslexia is not provided in a dyslexic-friendly format. Being dyslexic myself, I much prefer to listen to and produce videos rather than articles, so if you're looking for helpful advice, tips, tricks and more, please visit my youtube channel below.


Give Dyslexic Kids a Break!

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See an excerpt of Jemima speaking at a Staff PD for Our Lady of Sacred Heart College Bentleigh!

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